Football 2014 - Kellie1982

I have pulled some of the photos from the other galleries to create  The 2014 MNHS Varsity Players by the #'s  galleries, but that does not mean that it is all the photos I have of the player.  Sometimes there may be more of the particular player in that one play in the gallery that the photo came from or there may be a photo that I have not keyed in  the players (or  all of the  players in that photo).  I am still working on getting photos edited and uploaded.  Thanks, Kellie If you  would like me to help you keep track of your favorites for your varsity bulldog football player:  comment with the player's # and c (1c,2c,3c,...)in the comment box(it is the box under the picture with a the silhouette of a person in front of it.  When it says to login-ignore that and just write your comments. I can then make sure it gets in to the 2014 MNHS  Players by the number gallery for that player. When you comment I get a notice from smugmug and my account has an area where all the comments are listed by the photo that was commented on.